PSL Schedule

PSL 2020 Schedule


Are you searching for PSL 5th edition schedule, fixture, timetable, and venues? Pakistan Cricket Board has announced PSL 2020 Schedule; here you can see the full schedule and timetable.

You are landed at the right spot, here from the landing page you a witness PSL 2020 schedule and timetable of all PSL 5 matches.

The schedule will let you know about all 34 matches played between the six teams. In the latest season of PSL 5, the audience will witness soul-wrenching cricket competition, head to head, shoulder to shoulder. All six teams will try hard to win the title, but it seems, Lahore Qalandar has come up with some special preparations and coaching staff to washes off the previous reputation of knocked off from the first round.

Pakistan Super League 2020 Fixture

No. Match Date Venue
1 Islamabad United VS Lahore Qalandars   14th February   TBA
2 Multan Sultans Vs Karachi Kings   15th February TBA
3 Peshawar Zalmi Vs Quetta Gladiators   15th February TBA
4 Islamabad United VS Multan Sultans   16th February TBA
5 Lahore Qalandars Vs Karachi Kings   16th February TBA
6 Islamabad United Vs Quetta Gladiators   17th February TBA
7 Peshawar Zalmi Vs Lahore Qalandars   17th February TBA
8 Quetta Gladiators vs Multan Sultans 20th February TBA
9 Peshawar Zalmi Vs Karachi Kings 21st February TBA
10 Multan Sultans vs Lahore Qalandars 22nd February TBA
11 Quetta Gladiators vs Lahore Qalandars 23rd February TBA
12 Islamabad United V Karachi Kings 23rd February TBA
13 Multan Sultans v Peshawar Zalmi 24th February TBA
14 Quetta Gladiators V Karachi Kings 24th February TBA
15 Multan Sultans V Islamabad United 26th February TBA
16 Lahore Qalandars V Quetta Gladiators 27th February TBA
17 Islamabad United VS Multan Sultans 27th February TBA
18 Multan Sultans Vs Peshawar Zalmi   28th February TBA
19 Karachi Kings V Lahore Qalandars 28th February TBA
20 Peshwar Zalmi Vs Islamabad United 1st March TBA
21 Multan Sultans V Quetta Gladiators 1st March TBA
22 Quetta Gladiators V Peshawar Zalmi 4th March TBA
23 Karachi Kings V Multan Sultans 4th March TBA
24 Lahore Qalandars V Islamabad United 5th March TBA
25 Quetta Gladiators V Islamabad United 5th March TBA
26 Karachi Kings V Peshawar Zalmi 7th March TBA
27 Lahore Qalandars V Islamabad United 9th March TBA
  28 Karachi Kings V Quetta Gladiators 10th March TBA
  29 Lahore Qalandars V Multan Sultans 10th March TBA
  30 Eliminator 1, 3 v 4 12th March TBA
31 Qualifier 1, 3 V 4 13th March TBA
32 Eliminator 2 15th March TBA
33 Final 17th March TBA

This season of PSL 2020 will saw 34 matches in total. About 11 matches will be held in Lahore and about 9 will be played in Karachi. The final of the tournament will be played in Qadahfi Stadium Karachi, and knocked off matches as well.

You can have the PSL 2020 schedule in PDF format as well, to view the schedule, timetable, venues, and fixtures offline. When you are offline, get the PDF file and view the latest matches of the PSL 5.

PSL 5 is going to be held in February, March 2020.

The latest season will also hopefully be one of the most amazing events of the cricketing world, like the previous season. The previous season had some incredibly close matches, and those matches really touch the soul and make the game of cricket more uncertain.

In this article, you are going to have a complete PSL 5 schedule with timetable and venues.

Quetta was also among one of the stadia where PSL matches had to be played. But, after viewing the condition of the stadium, cricket body refused to hold matches over there. But, hopefully, the next season will have matches in Quetta as well. In Quetta stadium, the construction and other preparation have been ignited, and we are quite hopeful that the next season will have 3,4 PSL matches.

Pakistan Super League has turned the table for the Pakistani cricket team, Pakistan cricket, and even audience.

Due to the security issues, international teams were reluctant to visit Pakistan, after the Sri Lankan team attack in 2007. Pakistan cricket was taking his last breath until PCB decides to start a cricket tournament akin of IPL.

IPL has really made Indian team one of the top squad on an International scale. The tournament has given India many renowned players which are really giving touch time to the opponent. Hardik Pandya is the best example of the players selected from the IPL. On the same experiment, Pakistan decided to start a tournament and invited foreign players to participate in the league.

The first season was completely held in Dubai with no matches in Pakistan. The same way, the second season went off, but third and fourth season gave a mild of hope that cricket can be held in Pakistan.

The previous season had 8 matches in Pakistan, including finals. In the previous season, many renowned players refuse to visit Pakistan due to security crisis issue. This time PCB has decided to include on the players which are agreed to visit Pakistan, as the tournament is entirely be holding in Pakistan.

The experiment has proven to be successful. Imran Khan the incumbent prime minister had promised to hold the entire next season in Pakistan, and with the step, he is taking his promise. We are hopeful that, foreign players would visit Pakistan, the way they had participated in the tournament in UAE. Here in Pakistan, the government is giving the foreign players full-proof security and hopefull no ill-incident will take place.

The drafting is yet to come. We are pretty sure that this season will bring some new faces on the grounds and help the Pakistani team in the near future.

The PSL has given Pakistani cricket team many solid players’ likes of Hassan Ali, Sharjeel Khan, Shadab Khan, Imad Wasim, and many more.

Hussnain the pacer in the team is also produced by the PSL, though he not shown that level of performance on internationals.

It is pertinent to mention that this is the first time the entire tournament is being held in Pakistan. The PCB’S flagship T20 PSL tournament has taken the cricketing world by storm due to the super quality of cricket displayed in it.

In Indian premier league, the entire focus of the cricket bodies go to craft cricket pitches to support batsman, that’s why miles of scores are made in IPL. While in PSL, the pitches are made in the way that bowling, as well as batting, get equally share without any extra support.

We also have provided you the PSL matches live streaming. If you are desired to catch the live glimpse of cricket matches held in Pakistan, we have created a separate section to serve. You can have the live link of every cricket match played in the latest season with no ads.

We have added high-resolution links and more than one links of every match. If one link does not work, you can have the other and so on.

PSL drafting is the real game. The interests of keen cricket audience go to the drafting. As the drafting showcases which players will play on which side, and the captains as well.

The player draft of the Pakistan Super League will take place in November. The drafting is going to be very interesting, as the season will only see those players who are 100-percent comfortable in coming to Pakistan and performing. That’s why PCB is taking some more time in contacting each player and get to know whether they are agreed or not.

Lahore Qalandar has taken some major changes in Captain and coaching staff. There are hopes that Shahid Afridi will join the camp and lead the team from the front. Shahid Afridi had played the previous season in Karachi King before he was the key player of Peshawar Zalmi. Due to some differences with the owner, the Cricket Lion has to leave the camp and join Karachi Kings.

So, this is the complete schedule of PSL 2020, have a look and view your favorite team’s matches.